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What type of battery cell

Issuing time:2021-08-11 22:09Author:泉州東山機械(超宏機械)

    Forklift batteries are part of the lead-acid battery type. They are open-mouthed and dry-charged. With the progress of time, the oxidized and vulcanized rubber of the lead surface metal composite material, the compressive strength of the lead is getting higher and higher, and the energy storage drops sharply. Unvulcanized rubber in the general plan of the same situation, including cars, boat batteries and other applications in different areas, there are also such conditions. The appearance of forklift batteries touches the gas, causing performance. Vulcanized rubber is the reason why forklift batteries are exhausted or lack of battery charging. When placed permanently under the condition, the surface of the pole piece slowly transforms into a very hard milky white compound-coarse crystalline lead sulfate. This coarse crystalline lead sulfate is different from the fine crystalline lead sulfate that is converted into a battery during charging. . The fine crystalline lead sulfate has a small body shape, and the appearance of the lithium battery electrolyte is large. It has good conductivity and is conducive to melting. It is easy to transform and recover when the battery is charged. The coarse crystalline lead sulfate, due to its coarse fine particles, is incompatible with the lithium battery electrolyte. The appearance is relatively low, the conductivity is poor, and it will continue to block the porosity of the pole pieces again, and expand the penetration of the lithium battery electrolyte to the friction, so the internal resistance of the forklift battery is significantly improved, and the capacity is greatly reduced; in addition, due to this coarse crystal sulfuric acid Lead is not easy to dissolve in the lithium battery electrolyte, so that these compounds will not dissipate when the battery is charged.

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