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Quanzhou Chaohong Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Quanzhou Dongshan Machinery Co., Ltd.) is the largest distribution center for battery equipment and accessories in China; it is now located in the golden triangle of southern Fujian—Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, with beautiful scenery and outstanding people. It is a professional manufacturer specializing in lead-acid battery equipment for more than ten years. The company has established service service bases and branch factories in India, Vietnam and other places, and has its own trading company in Xiamen. It has passed the ISO9001-2020 quality management system certification, and has been rated as "Quality and Credit Double Guarantee Demonstration Unit" and "National Top ten excellent brands of well-known plate casting machines". The company currently mainly produces accessories and storage battery equipment for various branches. The company has introduced advanced manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes, and has comprehensive design capabilities.

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It has passed the certification of ISO9001-2008 quality management system, and was rated as "Demonstration Unit for Quality and Credit Guarantee" and "Top Ten Excellent Brands of Nationally Well-known Casting Machines".
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